Pros & cons of commuting on a dual sport

My commute to school/work on a Honda CRF250L is a short one lasting between ten and thirty minutes, depending on traffic. From that perspective, here is my list of the pros and cons.


  1. It's cheap. I spend about $3 a week on gas.
  2. At my university, motorcycle parking is about one mile closer to campus.
  3. Car drivers don't have a secret wave for each other.


  1. dual_sport_commute_'rack'Dumb ass drivers are now deadly dumb ass drivers.
  2. In hot weather, the motorcycle gear is tortuous...particularly when sitting at lights.
  3. The time it takes to put on all that gear nearly negates my time savings from parking closer.
  4. Carrying multiple large items can require a certain amount of creativity.
  5. Five-minute errands are more irritating (due to having to take off one's helmet and gloves before entering most businesses).
  6. Your dual sport gets sad if there aren't any dirt roads on the way to work/school.


  1. On a dual sport, the otherwise dull act of going to school/work becomes considerably more exciting.
  2. You can take the "long way home".
  3. Riding a dual sport is awesome and basically makes you a bad ass.

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