The fall fairy (Angelicae autumnae)

The fall fairy forms within a growing deciduous tree; her wings perfectly imitate its leaves. She hibernates in the tree for eight months of each year, coming out only when autumn arrives. She then carefully tends to the tree for the onset of winter; she colors leaves and prepares them to fall off. Fall fairies often congregate within friendly-faced jack-o-lanterns to enjoy the warmth of conversation and candle flame. They love candy corn and enthusiastically deplete its stocks on Halloween.

fallNote: I used to have an obsession with fairies and painted them (with questionable skill) and wrote up little taxonomies and scientific descriptions for each fairy species. I recently found some of these old files, so I’m going to re-post them as the season becomes appropriate. Unfortunately, the high-res original images are long gone, but I think the stories are cute.

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