Cracker House Hot Sauce review + ingredients list

Last night we made simple wings using drumsticks soaked overnight in a bottle of Cracker House Hot Sauce (a Palatka, Florida-based hot sauce company, compliments of my brother) and then baked for an hour at 375°. The result was delicious. My tongue could just barely handle the sauce, but husband said it didn't match Gator Sauce for heat. Most notably, the sauce has very sweet undertones beneath its spicy kick, kind of like barbeque sauce mixed into a strong hot sauce.

When I looked at the ingredients I realized why: at least three ingredients are sweeteners, and sugar is the second ingredient! I was pleased at the noticeable lack of preservatives; the most disappointing ingredients are the corn syrups. The only thing I had to look up was the "ole, and that'scracker-house-hot-sauce apparently a genus of pepper (the kind used in pepper spray, actually).

Cracker House advertises its sauce as "sweet and sassy", an assessment that I'd agree with. They offer individual bottles on their website for $6.99, and orders over $29 ship free in the US. Overall, I'd recommend this hot sauce without hesitation. With great options like this, there's no excuse to stick to boring big brands like Texas Pete.

Ingredients: Tomatoes, sugar, onions, vinegar, bell peppers, cider vinegar, brown sugar, Florida datil peppers, jalapeños, high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, garlic, salt, spice, black pepper, onion powder, oleoresin capsicum, natural flavorings

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