Gator Hammock review: Swamp Gator hot sauce makes great wings (beats Texas Pete)

The husband and I made wings tonight using Gator Hammock Swamp Gator hot sauce and the results were outstanding. A medley of cayenne, jalapeño and haberno peppers with vinegar, garlic and spices makes for a real kick-in-the-mouth splash of hot and delicious. I love that it has no preservatives or other additives (you can verify its lack of stabilizers/gels in action because the ingredients will separate in the bottle; a quick shake before usage and all is right again). Gator Hammock is simple and fresh.


We used one bottle for seven (a pound and a half) drumettes; we didn't bread them or anything. We placed the drumettes and emptied one bottle of Swamp Gator into a ziplock bag, then let it soak overnight in the fridge. The next evening, we lined a glass pan with tin foil and emptied the chicken with sauce into the pan. We cooked for 35 minutes at 400 degrees, turning halfway. After we removed the dish from the oven, I used a spoon to collect extra sauce from the pan and dropped it on top of the wings.

The verdict was unanimous - my husband and I loved our Gator Hammock wings. We had also made a batch of wings at the same time using Texas Pete (except Texas Pete is so runny, we breaded those wings so the sauce would stick to the chicken); the Gator Hammock wings were superior by far. By comparison, Texas Pete had a one-dimensional taste; Gator Hammock was full and exciting. I should warn that Gator Hammock was also much hotter than Texas Pete; our noses and eyes were running, but we were enjoying every minute of it.

I haven't found a local supplier here in NC, so my mother, who lives in Florida where the sauce is made and therefore more readily available, sends me bottles from time to time. Gator Hammock sells their products online; it is also available on Amazon.

UPDATE: I found out that my local Firehouse Subs offers Gator Sauce!

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