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All about Mnemiopsis leidyi, the sea walnut comb jelly

Note: This was written for a school project. It will be featured as a chapter in an Apple iBooks textbook released by Duke University about Beaufort marine invertebrates. Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Latin Name: Mnemiopsis leidyi (Sea Walnut)

Taxonomy: Animalia (Kingdom) > Ctenophora (Phylum) > Tentaculata (Class) > Cyclocoela (Subclass) > Lobata (Order) > Bolinopsidae (Family) > Mnemiopsis (Genus)

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Gods of Asgard graphic novel by Erik Evensen review: learn real Norse mythology the fun way

With the sequel to Marvel's blockbusting Thor due in theaters this November, interest in Norse mythology is bound to explode. Watching that original Thor certainly kindled the desire in me, and on top of ordering a Mjolnir necklace pendant (a replica of an artifact found in Sweden) from, I took to researching the mythology. This culminated in my purchasing Gods of Asgard: A graphic novel interpretation of the Norse myths by Erik Evensen, a fortuitous decision for anybody interested in not just learning, but really experiencing, the tales.

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Tugboats of Morehead City State Port, NC

One of my secret guilty pleasures in life is a fascination with tugboats. I blame my grandfather for infecting me with the tug bug. One day while we were out on his bass boat, he pointed to a huge barge. "What do you think pushes that big, heavy barge?" he asked. No older than ten, I replied, "A humongous gigantic ship!" He laughed, and then the tug boat, dwarfed in size by the barge, came into view. This unexpected sight made quite the impression on me, I was thoroughly amazed with the tug's power. They quickly became mythologized in my mind as tireless, hard-working, under-appreciated folks of the boat world, while useless divas like yachts got all the attention.

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Why I loved my ugly yellow truck...

Most people called my truck ugly, but I prefer to say it had character. I bought it because I really like trucks, and the GM V8 engines are always a great platform for going fast. Through just a little bit of research I had found that GM truck motors are capable of some scary horsepower numbers even in stock trim. With some people having broke 700whp on a practically stock 4.8l V8 I just knew I had to find a GM pickup truck.

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Pivot 3-Drive-BLP Review & Installation

Note: Originally posted on the FT86Club Forum.

First off... What is it?!? The Pivot 3-Drive-BLP is a throttle controller and throttle blipper all in one package. Basically it's for lazy people like me who don't want to heel-toe. Simple as that.

Alright, well I will start with my review so that you people can decide if you want my tips on installation before you read the install segment. I have been driving with this unit installed for right around a month now, and have been loving it the whole time.

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