Gods of Asgard graphic novel by Erik Evensen review: learn real Norse mythology the fun way

With the sequel to Marvel's blockbusting Thor due in theaters this November, interest in Norse mythology is bound to explode. Watching that original Thor certainly kindled the desire in me, and on top of ordering a Mjolnir necklace pendant (a replica of an artifact found in Sweden) from Viking-Shield.com, I took to researching the mythology. This culminated in my purchasing Gods of Asgard: A graphic novel interpretation of the Norse myths by Erik Evensen, a fortuitous decision for anybody interested in not just learning, but really experiencing, the tales.

Gods of asgardEvensen covers the best and most important myths, which are naturally compelling in and of themselves. Did you know that Thor once disguised himself as a woman? That the apocalypse was brought about by an insult-slinging fight at the gods' dinner table? That there was a doom ship made of the fingernails of dead men? That Loki's punishment involves being tied with the entrails of his own son?!

Yet, Evensen manages to make these juicy stories even better -- unforgettable thanks to his perfect formula of top-notch artwork, well-written dialogues and perhaps best of all, optimal organization of the tales into a single fluid overarching story that keeps the reader turning pages. Furthermore, Evensen's well-researched novel stays true to roots of the mythology, without needlessly embellishing or changing the tales. While one can find all of the Norse myths online for free, I guarantee you won't find them packaged in a more entertaining, exciting, easy-to-read format. And at just $14.95, there is simply no reason for fans wanting a genuine, deeper experience of the original Norse myths shouldn't buy Gods of Asgard.

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