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Gearhead since birth; finally getting the chance to play. Sharing the experience on the way. Married to the awesomeness.

Why I loved my ugly yellow truck...

Most people called my truck ugly, but I prefer to say it had character. I bought it because I really like trucks, and the GM V8 engines are always a great platform for going fast. Through just a little bit of research I had found that GM truck motors are capable of some scary horsepower numbers even in stock trim. With some people having broke 700whp on a practically stock 4.8l V8 I just knew I had to find a GM pickup truck.

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Pivot 3-Drive-BLP Review & Installation

Note: Originally posted on the FT86Club Forum.

First off... What is it?!? The Pivot 3-Drive-BLP is a throttle controller and throttle blipper all in one package. Basically it's for lazy people like me who don't want to heel-toe. Simple as that.

Alright, well I will start with my review so that you people can decide if you want my tips on installation before you read the install segment. I have been driving with this unit installed for right around a month now, and have been loving it the whole time.

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