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Types of meteorites

A meteorite is a rock (usually small but sometimes very large) that breaks off of an asteroid, planet, or comet, and falls from space to earth. Due to their immense age and the fact that many of them haven't changed since they formed, meteorites were essential in dating our solar system and continue to provide clues on what the early universe looked like. By recording traces of cosmic rays and solar wind and flares, meteorites allow us to reconstruct the space environment and behavior of our sun.

Meteoroid (in space) → Meteor (in atmosphere) → Meteorite (on earth)

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Objects in space: definitions and locations of planets, comets, asteroids, meteroids

It can be hard keeping up with the differences between planets, comets, asteroids, and meteroids--especially when many people use the terms interchangeably. This list quickly distinguishes between these objects while providing a map (not to scale!) of the relative locations of the planets and other noteworthy cosmic features. Read more