The dandelion fairy (Angelicae taraxacae)

Dandelion fairy (Angelicae taraxacae). The dandelion fairy’s hair, identical to the wispy white feathers of the flower’s seeds, disguises her while she lives in the dandelion’s center. When a person makes a wish and blows on the flower, she discreetly floats out with the dispersing seeds, and carries the wish to heaven. Sometimes, a particular wish will move a dandelion fairy so much, she decides to grant the wish herself rather than deliver it to the haphazard whims of the heavens.

dandelion-fairyNote: I used to have an obsession with fairies and painted them (with questionable skill) and wrote up little taxonomies and scientific descriptions for each fairy species. I recently found some of these old files, so I'm going to re-post them as the season becomes appropriate. Unfortunately, the high-res original images are long gone, but I think the stories are cute.

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