Why I loved my ugly yellow truck...

Most people called my truck ugly, but I prefer to say it had character. I bought it because I really like trucks, and the GM V8 engines are always a great platform for going fast. Through just a little bit of research I had found that GM truck motors are capable of some scary horsepower numbers even in stock trim. With some people having broke 700whp on a practically stock 4.8l V8 I just knew I had to find a GM pickup truck.

imageSo my search began...

I looked for a few weeks online finding 2000 year model trucks and newer for around $5,000-6,000. These things were all over the Internet. The only problem though was that I don't like the idea of buying a vehicle without driving it or looking at it in person. Also don't like paying to ship a vehicle. So I started looking at the local dealerships. These guys were on drugs or something because they all want nearly $10000 for a 100,000+ mile truck... Finally, I come to a dealership right up the road from my apartment, and ask if they have what I'm looking for on the lot. There were two trucks similar to what I wanted. One was already sold, and I feel it was too much anyway. The other is this hideous yellow thing with pink and blue pin striping all over it. I figured why not... I'll test drive it at least. This thing drove as if it was still brand new! Why? Because it practically was! It only had 83,xxx miles on it. I was ecstatic about the truck until I saw they wanted nearly $9000 plus taxes,tags, and fees for it. Thankfully it had a hideous paint job though because I managed to use that as my negotiating point. I went home that night with the truck for only $6500 including taxes, tags, and fees.

Also I feel I should mention that this truck in stock form was capable of some rather impressive donuts and burn outs. There are two burn outs in particular that come to mind. One was on a rainy day where I managed to start a burnout from a 35mph roll and continued to spin up to 50mph (although the speedometer was reading around 90mph...) where I had to let off because it was starting to fishtail. The other was at a stoplight where I power braked for a few seconds before the light turned green and it left so much smoke that both lanes of traffic didn't take off due to a lack of visibility. This is why my truck was such a great deal.

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