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Cracker House Hot Sauce review + ingredients list

Last night we made simple wings using drumsticks soaked overnight in a bottle of Cracker House Hot Sauce (a Palatka, Florida-based hot sauce company, compliments of my brother) and then baked for an hour at 375°. The result was delicious. My tongue could just barely handle the sauce, but husband said it didn't match Gator Sauce for heat. Most notably, the sauce has very sweet undertones beneath its spicy kick, kind of like barbeque sauce mixed into a strong hot sauce. Read more

Gator Hammock review: Swamp Gator hot sauce makes great wings (beats Texas Pete)

The husband and I made wings tonight using Gator Hammock Swamp Gator hot sauce and the results were outstanding. A medley of cayenne, jalapeño and haberno peppers with vinegar, garlic and spices makes for a real kick-in-the-mouth splash of hot and delicious. I love that it has no preservatives or other additives (you can verify its lack of stabilizers/gels in action because the ingredients will separate in the bottle; a quick shake before usage and all is right again). Gator Hammock is simple and fresh.

20130527-103808.jpg Read more