I actually liked Fast 6

Like most anybody, I enjoy driving fast on occasion and I get excited by the sound of a big aggressive motor, but the finer details of fast cars do little for me. As a straight woman, large perky breasts and jiggling asses do even less, except make me feel mildly inadequate. Let's face it, the Fast & Furious series was not designed with me in mind, but to indulge my gearhead husband; I have watched them all, and I agreed to watch the sixth installment. (Our original deal was that he would buy me a dual sport motorcycle if I watched them all, after I sold my old less-than-perfect 2001 Super Sherpa when he expressed safety concerns. I've held up my end... [Update: He held up his!]) The experience was a lot less painful than I expected -- enjoyable, even.

20130527-200837.jpgThe action is over-the-top but fun to watch. However, unfortunately for racers-at-heart like my husband, there was less emphasis on cars. The whole thing was tied up with an acceptably cohesive, engaging plot. I, for one, am glad to see Letty return, as she was one of my favorite characters. There were a couple obligatory ass-and-titties scenes, but I figure these are balanced out by the assortment of bad-ass women who actually play important roles in the story that extend beyond tokenry.

The ending makes it clear a sequel is on the way. My husband is a Statham fan, so that was one highlight for him, but it didn't quite make up for the lack of Subaru BRZ, which had been rumored to make an appearance (he drives an FR-S). With any luck, Fast 7 will bring back more cars and hoonery (and utilize the BRZ in doing so), while keeping the winning plot and character aspects presented in 6.

Rating: 3.5/5

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