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Sans Serif is the new corporate logo obsession, for better or worse

It seems like everywhere I look, corporations are rebranding, and inevitably, their logos include sans serif fonts. Sans serif looks undeniably modern, and I guess that's why they are rushing to switch. Sans serif is trendy - it's "in". A while back Belk made the dive with good results, in my opinion; the new logo matches well with their attempt to shed their reputation as a place for Southern grandmothers to shop for clothing. However, I'm just not sure that sans serif has a place for every logo out there, depending on a business's core services and identity.

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NOS Zero Review + ingredients comparison: NOS Zero sucks. Bring back Sugar Free NOS!

I've been drinking Sugar Free NOS ever since high school when, to my dismay, Sobe Adrenaline Rush Sugar Free was discontinued. Most low-carb energy drinks are disgusting, but I actually enjoyed the citrus tang of Sugar Free NOS. It packed an awesome caffeine punch that helped me plow through long days or gave me an extra kick for events. I won't deny: I was shamelessly addicted. I was known around my town for my habit, and gas stations stocked cases just for me. I knew I was a hopeless case when one of the highlights of watching a certain film was noticing a Sugar Free NOS in the gas station the protagonist was entering. Scroll to bottom for ingredients comparison.

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